Failure Tree Analysis

BW Wreck_Jitka Hanakova

Boom Scenario

Response to catastrophic loss of gas from an unknown source, boom scenario, while using ISC CCR.
Boom scenario

CCR Diver Rescue

Response to discovering an unconscious CCR Diver.

CCR diver rescue

Closed Solenoid

Response to Solenoid failure in the closed position.

Closed Solenoid

Code Error

Response to receiving operating code error.

Code Error

Double Sensor Failure

Response to double sensor failure.

Double sensor failure

Free Flowing ADV

Response to free flowing ADV, also known as Internal Boom.

Free flowing ADV

HUD Failure

Response to HUD Failure

HUD failure

Loss of Breathing Hose

Response to loss of breathing hose out of the mouth.

Loss of breathing hose

Loss of Total Diluent Supply

Response to total loss of diluent from external boom scenario.

Loss of total Diluent supply

Loss of Total O2 Supply

Response to total loss of oxygen from external boom scenario.

Loss of total O2 supply

Manual Oxygen Bypass Free Flow

Response to oxygen manual bypass free flow (Internal Boom).

Manual oxygen bypass free flow

Mixed Gas Manual Bypass Free Flow

Response to free flowing mixed gas manual bypass (Internal Boom).

Mixed gas manual bypass free flow

Operational System with Multi Failures

Response to muli-failures to operational system.

Operational system with multi failures

Partial Electronics Failure

Response to partial electronics failure.

Partial electronics failure

Partial Loop Failure

Response to partial loop flood of exhaust side or breathing loop.

Partial loop flood

Primary Elec Power Disparity

Response to primary electronics power disparity.

Primary elec power disparity tree

Primary Electronics Failure

Response to primary electronics failure.

Primary electronics failure

Scamahorn Fatal Funnel

Response to "something doesn't feel right"

Scamahorn fatal funnel

Secondary Elec Power Disparity

Response to secondary electronics power disparity.

Secondary elec power disparity tree

Secondary Electronics Failure

Response to secondary electronics failure.

Secondary electronics failure

Single Sensor Failure

Response to single sensor failure.

Single sensor failure

Solenoid Fails in Open

Response to oxygen solenoid free flow (Internal Boom).

Solenoid fails in open

Total Electronics Failure

Response to total electronics failure of both primary and secondary electronics with open circuit alternate breathing system (ABS) Option.

Total electronics failure

Total Loop Flood

Response to total loop flood (TLF)

Total loop flood