ISC has thousands of satisfied customers. Listed are a few of the high profile customers using our products.
  • U.S. Navy
  • F.B.I.
  • United Space Alliance
  • NOAA
  • Texas A&M
  • Hebrew University Jerusalem
  • University of Virgin Islands
  • Liquid Productions LLC
  • Lakeshore Entertainment

Here's what some of our customers have to say about their ISC Rebreathers:

Diving exclusively with a Rebreather since 1997, I had never fancy any of the newcomer rigs enough to replace my old fateful Bio Marine 155 Rebreather. All until I dove the Pathfinder from Innerspace System Corp. A newborn fromLeon Scamahorn line of Rebreathers, the Pathfinder is amazingly compact and light weight. So small, It fits in a carryon, No kidding!
The craftsmanship and quality of parts is impressive. It is robust but very functional at the same time. It provides such effortless breathing, you think you are on Scuba. The Pathfinder is all about simplicity and redundancy. Triple electronics, bright displays and ingenious dry loop arraignment will keep you happy and safe. If you are looking for a travel mate Rebreather which is clever, functional and very well made, you’ll find your match in the Pathfinder.
Avi Klapfer,
Founder of Undersea Hunter group.

I have owned and dived the meg since 2006 and am still diving on the same
unit. I completed my initial training with you in the red sea and since
then the unit has been used in all types of diving environments worldwide. I
chose the meg initially for its build quality, durability and good service
network. We dive all year round in the uk and have not encountered any
problems using the unit in cold water. As you know our group dives
predominately on mixed gas and have done several expedition trips over the
years. I have found the unit very compatible with the type of diving that I
do. I would not hesitate to recommend the unit to anyone over it's
competitors. We have just completed a weeks gas diving in Eyemouth Scotland
and the unit performed perfectly as usual. See you at the dive show.
aka Neil Mickleburgh

When filming in any environment from coral reefs or an expedition to an unexplored wreck in 300 feet of water we depend on the best life support equipment to allow us to capture quality images. We've used ISC's Megalodon rebreather since 2005 and dived it in every environment from deep cold water in the Great Lakes, to spending hours in underwater caves. The Meg is easy to travel with and its durability and reliability is something we can count on in the most remote locations. Sometimes we don't always get a second chance to capture a shot and we've never had to miss a dive because of a problem with our Megalodon's.
Becky Kagan Schott
Underwater DoP / Cameraman / Photographer
Liquid Productions, LLC