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Below you'll find some of our more frequently asked questions.  If there's something you don't see the answer to, feel free to contact us.

ISC has been in business and building the Meg since 1999 and has a considerable number of Meg's in the field that are being used by satisfied customers. CCR systems are not new to its founder and its designers, as they have used current military models and various other current and past commercially produced CCR systems. ISC is a Veteran owned, privately held Corporate entity that self finances (Boot Straps) and has no debts. ISC has a positive reputation world wide for build quality and service. The Meg has been selected by The U.S. Navy as its next generation deep submergence CCR and over 3 years of testing has labeled the Meg the MK-28 MOD 0, the first mixed gas CCR to receive a MK number in 30 years, and the Meg serves elite film crews and entity's that desire commitment from a company that is a real rebreather company and not a conventional company that pretends to produce a CCR that someone else designed and built. These companies do not even design or produce their own electronics thus compromising themselves on someone else's word of quality and proper function. This does not give a high confidence level to the knowledgeable.
The Meg has been tested and been under scrutiny by the United Kingdom Health Safety Executive Test Lab. (HSL), ANSTI test lab and Qinitiqs in the UK, Dive Lab at Panama City,FL and the military in the U.S and foreign services. The Meg has been evaluated for work of breathing deeper than 100 Meters (330 fsw) using ISC proprietary  CO2 absorbent canisters and its own proprietary electronics.
YES! The Meg is the first American CCR company and U.S.A made CCR to meet and exceed the CE approval process for marketing and sales in Europe.
Yes! The Meg and all ISC products are built under a International Organization of Standards (ISO)9001:2008. ISC Is the first and only US ground up rebreather company that has this standard. ISC has been ISO approved since early 2005. ISC undergoes 1 surveillance audit for ISO, one surveillance audit for CE by a foreign signing authority, and several by the U.S. Navy every year.
Yes! The Meg and all ISC products can support any kind of electronics package, scrubber system, cylinder size, and harness systems. Most Meg systems can move to other Meg systems with ease and the diver may use various other Meg systems to configure their Meg to meet their mission needs. The Pathfinder ISCAN electronics can be upgraded via a plug and play platform and internet.
The maximum delivery time is 2 weeks or depending on where the customer falls into the queue especially for the Pathfinder. No deposit is required. The customer must have 3 things for an order to be processed. 1,Full payment to ISC as soon as possible after confirming the order. 2, A waiver of liability submitted to ISC with payment, and 3, the customer must tell ISC who is the ISC approved instructor that is going to teach the class. The Meg may be coordinated for the customer to receive the unit but parts will be removed and sent to the instructor thus preventing unauthorized use of the product prior to training.
ISC selects the instructor not the training agency. If you wish to select an instructor please see the authorized instructor list on this website.To see the instructor page click here.
ISC does not want a lot of instructors as this effects the quality of the product and training. To be considered to be a ISC instructor, you must own a Meg or Pathfinder or have unlimited access, and have 100 hours or be a current CCR instructor on a recognized CCR and training agency, and have at least 50 hours logged on the Meg. You must be in a geographical area and hold the language requirements needed for that area. A peer review will be done by other instructors to see if the candidate has a positive reputation in the dive industry and is recognized as a diving leader that would be an asset to ISC and its customers. The candidate must assist with two ISC Meg or Pathfinder end user classes under the supervision of a Meg approved instructor and be evaluated on a 3rd class that they will teach and be evaluated by a ISC approved Instructor trainers familiar with the language and area. To see the complete list of instructor requirements click here
Yes, ISC encourages that the customer find a local instructor and receive their training from them. However, it is up to the customer who trains them as it is their money and time and it is very unique opportunity to get trained by the designer and factory.
The prerequisites are that you must be 18 or older, have the body of life knowledge and understanding of what the CCR is and does, have advanced nitrox or equivalent from a recognized training agency. These courses teach the handling of oxygen from 21% to 100%, EAD/END, Daltons law, cylinder labeling, analyzing gases, CNS/OTU accounting and more on general diving principles. The equipment requirements for training at ISC. Please see the ISC web page for what ISC requires for training.
As an option, ISC Products integrate with the Shearwater diver computer. You can use a variable gas Nitrox computer for air diluent but there are rules to follow. Products.
Yes, ISC encourages all customers to buy parts and components from an ISC approved dealer/instructor before trying to buy from ISC. ISC recognizes that customers do not have access, or simply, for some reason, want to buy from ISC. ISC does not negotiate deals and sells at full retail.
You must contact ISC and submit proof of business license and overhead. You must have a instructor available if you do not have one, and be in the geographical are needed to include language. ISC will support its dealers by having dealers and instructors attend shows that ISC participates in and ISC will submit any marketing material that the dealer/instructor may issue to ISC for the show to be handed out to any customer from that area. To learn the complete requirements of being a dealer, contact us.
1st level is dealer/Instructor, 2nd level is stocking dealer with area commitment, 3rd level is stocking distributor in a committed area. Please see the web page stating requirements for the different levels.
ISC requires that instructors teach a  5 to 7 day immersion course and generally costs $1,500.00 to $2000.00 USD, not including expenses.
ISC recognizes that ISC customers  go to remote places and are independent types. ISC built the Meg and Pathfinder to be built like a piece of military hardware and to be a performer. You can use common tools to repair the Meg depending what the problem is. ISC offers a tech repair course for those wishing to learn how to build a Meg and you may even build your own. The course is 9 days long and $2,500.00 USD. You will learn under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and you can buy sensitive components for your Meg and other ISC products.
Currently we have a certified technician in the UK, Germany, and Italy. All technicians are required to attend update courses every year to maintain proficiency on ISC products. To learn more about the repair course contact us.
The Meg standard can and smaller gas plenum canisters and the Pathfinder may be placed into the overhead of the aircraft or broken up into pieces for ease of weight distribution and handling. You may use any cylinders at your destination as you do not have to place cylinders on the Meg or Pathfinder for them to work, all you need is a source of oxygen and diluent gas, so, you may just use stages and bailout for gas addition needs. The Meg and Pathfinder needs only minor components for it to work in that mode. Another aspect of ISC rebreathers is that you can use Nitrox if oxygen is not available. These are advanced concepts and require discussion with ISC approved instructors.
See our events schedule on this website and just show up.
Yes! The Meg and Pathfinder are mixed gas laboratories on your back right out of the box.  You must have training in decompression and mixed gas use to be a safe CCR diver.
It is ISC's policy that all Meg divers are happy and safe. ISC cannot do anything about it if ISC does not know. So, notify ISC of a problem and watch and see the wheels turn as we will personally see that your issues are resolved. You must have confidence in the product and the company for you to enjoy your Meg or any CCR. So, again notify ISC of a problem if there is any problem with the product or training. ISC would really appreciate recommendations and feedback as we need the data for our quality assurance plan, your feedback counts. We are a different company so let us show it.
Unlike other companies, ISC has an open door policy and you may contact the CEO and founder directly for an answer. There is no chain of command structure or road blocks, if you wish to contact the CEO just simply ask for him.
The first thing that fails is the means of communication. One problem is the assumption that communication has been made. ISC does its best to return emails that ISC has seen and has had problems responding and receiving emails. We are sorry if we have missed yours or have not responded on a timely basis but we are addressing this issue. ISC personnel are very busy and are generally task overloaded, ISC has added personnel to help with this issue but again if you really wish to get an answer please pick up the phone and call ISC or contact a rep. This FAQ is one answer addressing the communication. Facebook is another means to contact ISC personnel. issue.