Announcing the Apecs 4 Handset

The All New APECS 4

ISC announces the APECS 4 ISCAN handset. The new handset is part of a new generation of electronics for the Pathfinder CCR and other projects that ISC is conducting for the U.S. military.

System has been tested to FCC, CE standards and by the U.S. Military for the Mk-28 upgrade program and of course meets the ISC highest level of partitioned failure modes.

Feature list for APECS 4 handset

  • InnerSpace Systems Controller Area Network (ISCAN) compatible messaging system. Compatible with Shearwater Dive Can system.
  • 3000mAh rechargeable battery. No more specialized replacement batteries. System can stay nearly fully charged up to a year and operate the handset over 24 hours of continuous dive time, depending on usage, power saving settings and ambient temperature.
  • TFT color display. Easy to see with large font and colored alarm indicators.
  • 96kB of RAM memory.
  • 8GB SD card for operational log memory. System can log all data up to 500 dives.
  • Integrated system black box.
  • Dive computer compatible. System can support the integration of decompression computational algorithms.
  • WiFi capable. System can perform down loads and updates over the network and have a simple, integrated web server for configuration and downloading dive logs, and system upgrades.
  • Integrated compass showing all 4 points of the compass rose for easy positional orientation with concurrent displayed PO2. Displayed Depth, Time and decompression is a future option.
  • Subconn connectors. Connectors allow for plug and play features and are rated for depth of ocean.
  • Soft touch activation buttons.
  • Two button intuitive system with 10 standard selectable menu options.
  • Auto safety-wet sensor or button activation.
  • Pre-breath 5-minute countdown timer.
  • Pre-dive 8-question checklist.
  • Optional operator depth sensor integration or replacement.
  • Anti-hypoxia .21 PO2 setting.
  • Danger high 1.6 set point setting for expedited in water decompression.
  • Automatic set point setting (ASP). Pressure sensor independent (failure point) hands free set point adjustment.
  • On the fly set point adjustment.
  • Set point quick select up to 3 user pre-select set points.
  • Average millivolt and PO2 displayed on main screen.
  • Displayed 3 sensor mV and corresponding sensor PO2.
  • Air or 100% single point calibration. Fastest calibration method in the world. Less then 3 seconds.
  • Full mixed gas capable.
  • System may be used with any mix of Oxygen.
  • 14,700ft/4700m Altitude capable.
  • No system lockouts.
  • System can independently power network for back up to main system battery.
  • System is independent of other network devices for true independent system monitoring.


Future upgrades: All features are upgradable by user.

  • Dive computer decompression algorithm.
  • Bailout gas real time calculator.
  • User installed and replaceable CAN based depth pressure sensor.
  • Pre set set-point and depth auto switching.
  • 8-2.0 PO2 set point setting for in water DCI therapy, recompression chamber and Diver bell.
  • VO2 calculator based on real time physiological oxygen consumption.
  • Communication system.
  • Integration into DPV and manned submersibles.
  • Surface umbilical for topside monitoring of diver.
  • Integrated bio metric monitoring of divers physical alarm responses, heart rate, CO2 production, VO2 consumption and body temperature.
  • CAN based CO2 sensor.
  • CAN based O2 sensor.
  • And anything you can imagine.

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