MEGTech 2015

Demo the NEW Meg 15, Megalodon and Pathfinder Rebreathers

meg flier 2015 -1Date: Saturday May 23rd 2015
Where: Dutch Springs, PA
Time: 9am
Instructors: Becky Schott and Leon Scamahorn

This is a special event offered to certified recreational scuba divers wanting the opportunity to learn more about CCR and experience diving a rebreather with an experienced rebreather instructors. Meg Tech is run by ISC CEO Leon Scamahorn and TDI Instructor Becky Kagan Schott. This is a great time to try out a rebreather for the first time or for already certified CCR divers to demo a new unit. We will have the NEW Megalodon 15 or Pathfinder unit along with new handsets to check out and dive.

Meg Tech will be at Dutch Springs beginning at 9am on Saturday May 23rd. We will begin with a mandatory into to Rebreather diving lecture that will include information about the units, electronics, design, how to choose a rebreather and an in water demonstration where participants will be able to try either unit under the guidance and supervision of an instructor.

Participant must be a certified recreational scuba diver
Participant must be over the age of 18

Fee: $75 (includes demo and lunch) (does not include Dutch Springs Entry fee)