DEMA Show 2013 Info

DEMA time is here, and ISC will be there!  If you're going to the DEMA show, be sure to stop by the ISC booth and say hi to Leon, Jerry, and Shelly.  Now just in case you've looked in the show guide and couldn't find us, we're actually listed with the Dive Alert booth which…
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The Rebreather Invasion

In the sixty's aerospace technology revolution was on. The race to the moon and the technology supported it. While man was focusing outward toward the stars there were a few aerospace engineers looking inward, "innerspace". The technology being developed to support Astronauts was also compatible for marine exploration. Gas tight zippers, high-density waterproof materials, electronics,…
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Y2K C2R Diving

Here comes the new millennium, approaching at a pace of a skydiver at terminal velocity. You have fears of Y2K and the world ending. Some of those fears are justifiable and most are not! Using the latter as an example safety issues relating to certain types of rebreathers are exaggerated, or critical points of information…
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