double led hud


LED HUD (Head's Up Display)

Key Features:

Our HUD is available in a single multi-color LED HUD version, or a two light version for divers who might be color blind.

Complete Description:

The HUD is an independent non-voting truncated based peripheral vision system status indicator that uses a simple blinking and color code to indicate normal operation status and alarm conditions in regard to PO2, and possible water intrusion into the CCR breathing loop. The HUD will display the PO2 of EACH sensor thus allowing the diver to operate the CCR outside the voting system in the primary oxygen injection system and algorithm and discern the status of EACH oxygen sensor. The diver has an option of a single LED indicator or a dual LED indicator that is primarily used for people with color challenged visual acuity, (Color Blind).


  • Years of proven design
  • Used by U.S. military, NOAA and institutions
  • Made from marine grade stainless steel
  • Potting material passes U.S. Navy off gassing specifications
  • Electronic cable is waterproof
  • Built to last
  • Made in the USA