The ISC Standard DSV

ISC Standard DSV


The ISC Standard Dive Surface Valve (DSV)

ISC Part #:

DSV-Standard –ASSY

List Price:

$500.00 USD

Key Features:

Machined in Copolymer acetyl, our DSV is precision designed to provide excellent breathing characteristics and is lightweight with smooth operation.

Complete Description:

The DSV is one of the most important components of the CCR. The DSV is the divers bio-mechanical connection to the CCR and it must breath perfectly to push and pull by lung demand the breathing gas through the CCR breathing loop and to reduce work of breathing, minimize CO2 washout, and be small to minimize weight and drag in the divers mouth. The DSV is machined in Copolymer acetyl to exacting tolerances.  Inside the DSV is ISC designed and propriety check valves (mushroom) that perform in all conditions that a diver may be exposed to.  The check valves are not affected by icing or suffer from shrinkage or valve reversal failure, and may be cleaned by any medical disinfectant.  The check valves also exceed CE and U.S. Navy testing standards for operation and reliability.  You do not want the check valves to fail ever in a CCR breathing system!


  • Water expulsion port to vent water from the DSV
  • Minimal hose connections to improve breathing hose leaks and failures
  • Easily maintained by diver, no dive shop repair required
  • Check valves require no replacement unless exposed to unreasonable handling
  • Approved for use by U.S. military, and NOAA
  • CE approved for Megalodon CCR
  • Lowest over all work of breathing (WOB) in industry
  • Simplistic and proven design
  • Check valves must all ways be tested in the DSV prior to use to insure operation