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The APECS 4 is the latest in rebreather controller software and handset from ISC.  With a variety of new options available, the APECS 4 is simple to operate.

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The ISC Advanced Personal Environmental Controller System 4 (APECS 4™) is a family of CCR electronics designed to be used in a variety of diving roles to fit the operational needs of the end user. The APECS 4™ family is designed to be used in saturation, military, commercial and recreational roles providing reliable, user-friendly operation.

Menu and Action/Confirm system and essential information dive screen that minimizes the task loading of the diver by providing a “quick look” ability of essential information and the ability to quickly change on the fly operational characteristics. APECS 4™ is the latest general release of the software and hardware and consolidates the tested features of APECS 2.5 into APECS 4™, a common core with unique configurations to simplify software and hardware maintenance. APECS 4™ is also designed to accommodate the Shearwater DiveCAN system, which facilitates integration of third party decompression computers or CAN based components onto the ISC breathing loop.


  • 3000mAh rechargeable battery. No more specialized replacement batteries. System can stay nearly fully charged up to a year and operate the handset over 24 hours of continuous dive time. Quickly recharged using micro USB/USB wall plug or PC.
  • TFT Brilliant full color display. Highest contrast, sharpness, and brightness. No backlighting is needed and is viewable from almost any angle. Low power consumption, large font and colored alarm indicators.
  • Wi-Fi capable. System can communicate over the internet for configuration and downloading dive logs, and system upgrades.
  • Integrated compass showing all 4 points of the compass rose for easy positional orientation with concurrent displayed PO2.
  • Independent isolated display system with pressure/gas and water resistant cabling.
  • Leak proof, soft touch activation buttons.
  • Two button self-intuitive menu navigation and action/confirm system with 10 standard selectable menu options.
  • Full mixed gas capable.
  • No system lockouts.
  • Handset can independently power main network for back up to main system power supply.
  • System is independent of other network devices for true independent system monitoring.