The Meg15 CCR

The Meg 15 may be integrated with several types of electronic systems, scrubber sizes and types, gas supply cylinders, harness and BC assemblies.  The ISC Megalodon 15 CCR or more fondly called "The Meg 15" is a CCR system that has been embraced by divers of all skill levels around the world. With its versatility of design, it can be configured to meet any level of diving and keep pace with the divers skill levels.

Fundamentally the Meg was designed for the most demanding dives with consideration for the diver and their needs. Addressing not only the basic requirements of performance that a true 3rd party tested CCR must undergo, but also the other considerations that are not considered, such as travel concerns and conducting repairs in remote locations.

The design of the Meg meets fundamental design requirements established by the creator Leon Scamahorn, Founder and CEO of InnerSpace Systems Corp, in the USA. InnerSpace Systems is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company and the only one like it in the USA at this time. ISC is a custom CCR manufacturing company that designs systems to meet customer requirements.

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Step 1: choose your unit type


Standard Meg with Radial Scrubber ccr rebreather
Scrubber Options:

  • Radial 8.0
  • Radial 5.5
The "Standard Meg" gas plenum canister is 17.75" tall and has the most available options with respect to scrubber canister sizes.
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Cave Meg with Raidal Scrubber ccr rebreather
Scrubber Options:

  • Radial 5.5
Originally made for the movie, "The Cave," the "Cave Meg" comes with a 15.75" canister. This system is also available with 2 scrubber options.
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Mini Meg with Radial Scrubber ccr rebreather
Scrubber Option: Radial 4.0
The "Mini Meg"can is the for divers wanting shallow, short recreational dives and travels well where weight and space is a premium.
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Cylinder Mounts

Step 2: choose your cylinder mounts
The Shadow mount is an extremely low profile cylinder mounting and accessories fixture that allows cylinders to "hug" the primary breathing system. It also allows for cylinders or accessories to be quickly and repeatability remounted in its desired configuration. 

Cylinder Options

Step 3: choose your cylinder

All cylinders are DOT Approved (North America) - the following cylinder sizes are avilable. For complete specs, click learn more.

  • Faber Steelfaber black
    • 15 cuft (2 liter)
    • 23 cuft (3 liter)

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Step 4: choose your scrubber

8.0 Radial

5.5 Radial

4.0 Radial

ISC Radial Scrubbers

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Electronic Options

Step 5: choose your electronics

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The APECS™ family of electronics is used to support ISC closed circuit rebreathing systems. The APECS™ has been in the field for 10 years and is FCC approved and tested the stringent EN 61000 standard. The APECS™ system is designed to be used in a variety of roles to fit the operational needs of the customer.

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Shearwater PetrelYou have the option to add to your Meg the Shearwater Petrel dive computer for decompression calculations. ISC recommends having your Petrel2 with our proprietary connections for PO2 readout on the handset.

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The Shearwater NERD (Near Eye Remote Display) is the first technical dive computer with a display mounted on the diver's rebreather mouthpiece. This revolutionary device keeps crucial information in your line-of-sight for the entire dive. Thanks to the Micro LCD display and magnifying lens, the data appears as if displayed on a 32" TV screen 12' away, with no need to focus.
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double led hudThe HUD is an independent non-voting truncated based peripheral vision system status indicator that uses a simple blinking and color code to indicate normal operation status and alarm conditions in regard to PO2, and possible water intrusion into the CCR</acronym >breathing loop.  There are two HUDs options available.

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Step 6: choose your gauge:

Pressure gauges are color coded: Black for diluent, and green for Oxygen.  Gauges are made by Apeks, and are available in your choice of Imperial or in BAR.

PSI (Imperial)

BAR (Metric)

O2 Pressure Gauge in BAR shown.

O2 Gauge BAR


Step 8: choose your backplate

The ISC Stainless Steel Backplate

The Megalodon CCR can be placed on any standard diving backplate.  ISC offers several designs and options for our own in house manufactured backplates:

  • Aluminum ILSPEC Hardcoat Black Anodized
  • 11GA SS Backplate (8.4 Lbs)


Pathfinder rebreather ccr Men's Vest System

Step 9: choose your harness

Offered options for our harness systems include:

  • Continuous webbing (Hogarthian)
  • Deluxe Adjustable QR plastic buckles
  • "Old School" Adjustable Harness (non-QR)
  • The ISC Vest System

Watch C.E.O. Leon Scamahorn build up the new Meg 15.