The Cave Meg

Cave Meg with Raidal Scrubber ccr rebreather


The Cave Meg

Key Features:

The Cave Meg can use either the 5.5 Radial Scrubber or our 6Lb Axial Scrubber.

Complete Description:

The Meg Cave can is the can originally made for Lake Shore Entertainment's movie “The Cave”.  The Cave can was made as small as possible to fit the Micropore RBC solid state scrubber canister. The Cave can also had a cover installed on it for the movie that had lights attached making it look something out of Star Trek. The Cave can uses either the 5.5lb/2.5kg radial or the Axial 6.0lb/2.7kg scrubber canister as the primary CO2 scrubber system and an optional Micropore RBC, but the scrubber times are not good. The Cave uses the special moisture pad water trap to catch any water entering the breathing loop by accident. The Cave can has welded shadow mounts for cylinder mounting.  The Cave can is also Leon Scamahorn’s over all favorite it is small and travels extremely well and you can do any dive you want with it within the limitations of the scrubber systems.


  • CE approved.
  • Made from U.S.A. 6061 T6 aluminum with black Mil-Spec hard coat anodizing.
  • Used by NOAA, National Space Agency to recover the Space Shuttle rockets, and professional divers and is the over all favorite ISC personnel.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Comes with STA, and uses industry standard dimensions and fits most any back plate, harness, and BCD wing.
  • Shadow mounts will fit any size cylinder up to 50 cuft/7 liters.   Recommended 15cuft/2liter Fabers.
  • Can be easily modified for side mounting.
  • Will easily fit be in the overhead of an airplane.
  • Size
  • Weight: 8.6lbs/3.9kg.
  • Special orders can be done to not have the shadow mounts installed.