Leon Scamahorn is the CEO of InnerSpace Systems Corp and inventor of the Megalodon CCR.  Leon is a 13 year Special Forces veteran specializing in Maritime operations and was considered the authority on the subject in the U.S. Army.  Leon is still serving his country by supplying the U.S. Navy the MK-28 Mod O CCR for specialized diving operations, he is continuing to develop other exciting products for the public such as the APECS 4 ISCAN electronics, Pathfinder CCR, and working on other projects for the U.S. Navy. He is also working on special products for homeland security applications and personal defense against respiratory toxic and hypoxic environments.

Leon Scamahorn also has a background as a licensed private investigator (PI), certified personal protection specialist (CPS), and fugitive recovery agent, and has taught personal protection.  Leon is also an Instructor trainer for TDI and IANTD and a NAUI life time member and member of International Board of Undersea Medicine and Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society.

Leon’s personal interests other than diving in challenging environments is adventure sports such as climbing, kayaking and skiing.