Become an ISC Instructor


Becky Schott with pathfinder

ISC authorized instructors are proven cutting edge diving educators that have proven themselves in the field and industry. They are dedicated customers who provide feed back in product design, training, and quality assurance. They also have a reputation of success. ISC has only a limited number of instructors world wide and continues to groom and recruit instructors with proven reputation and positive business practices.

ISC continues to evaluate its current instructors for the quality stated above and those not maintaining the stated standards are moved to the inactive instructor status, or removed entirely from any instructor status.

To be an ISC Instructor:

  • The candidate shall operate in a geographic area where instructors are needed.
  • Candidate has the required language skill for the area.
  • Proven positive reputation for diving education with agencies and peers.
  • Must own an ISC specific CCR to teach that unit or an ISC top model to teach all ISC products. NOTE: Pathfinder instructors are required to own a Pathfinder.
  • New CCR instructor candidates must have at least 150 hours on a specific unit. Instructor crossovers require at least 50 hours on the specific unit.
  • New instructors must teach 1 full course and co-teach 2 full ISC CCR courses under an ISC instructor.
  • Instructor crossovers must co-teach 1 full course, and be evaluated by 2 ISC approved Instructor Trainers.
  • New instructors shall teach 1 full course under the evaluation of 2 ISC approved auditors. A 1 day field evaluation prior to the course shall be given to insure academic proficiency.
  • Upon successful completion of the academic proficiency testi
    ng, instructor candidates shall be registered with an ISC approved training agency for air diluent, 40 meter, no decompression level.
  • Instructor must train 4 ISC CCR specific students a year to maintain active status.