ISC is known for facing challenges head on and has been successful in its endeavors to exceed customer expectations. Listed below are just a few of InnerSpace Systems Corp achievements and milestones that have made history in the diving industry worldwide.

Cave_Michael C Barnette

  • ISC is the only U.S. based Rebreather Company that is a registered ISO 9001:2008 company.
  • ISC has 100% of its products made in the US.
  • ISC is the first U.S. based Rebreather company that has achieved CE Conformity with no variations to the EU Standard 14143 which is specific for closed circuit rebreathing systems.
  • ISC is the first rebreather specific company to have passed U.S. Federal regulatory testing of its electronic control systems and has the FCC mark.
  • ISC has passed a 5 engineer U.S. Navy audit in October of 2009 and another U.S. Navy audit in August of 2010.
  • The ISC Megalodon has undergone 3rd party testing by the U.S. Navy in 2010 and surpassed the performance goals of the U.S. Navy test guidelines for Unmanned Test methods TM 01-94, and surpassed the MK-16 UBA in performance. (The MK-16 has been U.S. Navy’s primary mixed gas rebreather for over 20 years).
  • ISC is a U.S. rebreather specific company that has passed the rigorous EN 61000 testing complying with the European EMC directive.
  • ISC is the first and to date the only world wide rebreather company that has its products 3rd party tested by the Health Safety Lab (HSL) in the United Kingdom. The HSL is a major governmental agency that has influence worldwide and is highly respected. This aggressive approach by ISC insures independent testing at the highest levels.
  • ISC helped to establish strict standards and policies with training agencies after ISC identified unsafe training practices among diving instructors. This changed how the industry approaches training on all CCR systems.