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InnerSpace Systems Corp. (ISC) is a United States based company located in Centralia Washington. It was founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2000. ISC is known internationally as a top competitor in the manufacturing and development of highly innovative customized closed circuit rebreathing systems.

The Meg 15 Rebreather:

The Meg 15 may be integrated with several types of electronic systems, scrubber sizes and types, gas supply cylinders, harness and BC assemblies.  The ISC Megalodon 15 CCR or more fondly called “The Meg 15” is a CCR system that has been embraced worldwide.

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The ISC Advanced Personal Environmental Controller System 4 (APECS 4™) is a family of CCR electronics designed to be used in a variety of diving roles to fit the operational needs of the end user. The APECS 4™ family is designed to be used for all types of diving operations.

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Pathfinder Rebreather:

The Pathfinder Rebreather is the ultra lightweight travel-friendly closed circuit rebreather with ISCan Electronics. IScan™ is the next generation electronics developed by Innerspace System Corp to power the Pathfinder rebreather.

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DecoMan software is now available

This firmware upgrade is available for the Meg15 and the Pathfinder Rebreathers.  The cost for the firmware upgrade is $500. Sales inquires should be directed to

Customize your own Meg 15 Rebreather

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